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5,000 unique shrooms 

ADA Shrooms 

5,000 fresh picks

120+ attributes 

Multiphase CNFT series 

Use your ADA Shroom
to mint hallucinogenic art
on community trip day 

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In the year of 2017, voyagers of the newly discovered blockchain Cardano decided to venture out to see what the new metaverse had in store... During their adventure, they stumbled across a mystical forest which seemed to be covered in fields of luminescent, untouched mushrooms. Intrigued, the voyagers decided to pick one up and give it a taste as they were deep into their adventure with hungry stomachs...  



Phase 1

✅ CNFT idea and concept 

✅ Team building 

✅Website launch 

✅Generate production policies and wallets 

✅Stress test

-ADA Shroom drop 


There will be 10 special ADA Shrooms hidden inside the

5,000 unique ADA Shrooms collection. Whoever mints one of these

special ADA Shrooms, will be rewarded 1,000 ADA.

Phase 2

-Pool and suggestions from the community 

-Release ADA Shroom trip design and concept

-Generate new policies and wallets for the new collection

-Stress test 

-ADA Shroom community trip day

(ADA Shroom Trip NFT drop)

Phase 3

-Future plans and development

-Possible augmented trip reality utilizing VR or smartphone camera

-Possible collaboration with other CNFT projects 



Meet The Team


Co-founder and Marketer of ADA Shrooms. He is a real estate agent who loves finance and investing. Passions include crypto, motorcycles, the outdoors, and best of all mushrooms!


Co-founder and Artist. The creator of all 5,000 ADA Shrooms. He is a part-time videographer and warehouse worker. Passionate about everything Cardano. He loves skateboarding, video games, and of course, mushrooms!


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Developer and tech lead with 10 years of full stack development experience. He is leading a development team for an online marketing company in the US. Crazy about the Cardano ecosystem, NFTs, PUBG and mushrooms!

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